Our Forever Film Style

Our approach is very much ‘fly on the wall’. We are there to capture your day as it unfolds, naturally and honestly with absolutely no interference from us. We are instinctively quiet and discreet people, we will become almost invisible to you and your guests. We pay close attention to detail and can spot fantastic shots and precious moments. We use the latest cinematic cameras which are quiet and unobtrusive. Clip microphones are small and hidden away to capture fantastic audio without making guests feel self conscious.

During the editing process we become so involved in each of our wedding films that we immerse ourselves into the story, the history, the excitement, the emotion of the couple. We can often both be found in tears in front of the half edited film as we get caught up in the story of the day. Yes admittedly a little embarrassing but it shows how much care and effort we put into each individual film to ensure it is perfect.

The result will be a stunning wedding film which will tell the story of your day, from bridal preparations first thing in the morning to lively partying in the evening and include all those lovely spontaneous special moments in between which undoubtedly happen at every wedding. Each film is unique, capturing the personalities of the couple and the atmosphere of the day. It will bring back all the emotion, excitement and happiness of the day in a way that still photographs simply cannot do. You will be back in that moment reliving your special day and all those cherished moments each time you watch it.